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Go to prison because of cough drops or a candy?

From 1.1.2009 comes into operation novelty that is to most people still a secret. Till now the breath test has been
considered only as orientation. From 1st January 2009 is the breath test result equivalent to scientific test for blood
alcohol content done by a doctor.

If the driver´s breath test shows more than 1 per mille concentration of alcohol in breath, the driver will be prosecuted
for driving under the influence of alcohol and can be punished also by 3 years of prison. The control has to be done
by certificated instrument. In case that the driver will not approve of this test he can request also a test for blood
alcohol content and the police has to meet the driver´s wish. In case of the positive result the driver has to settle
all costs that are connected with this blood test.

The problem is that the health state should be judged by a doctor. Further problem is that this test can detect even
0,1 per mille of alcohol that can be left in the body after eating some sort of food. Alcohol amount up to 1 per mille
is considered as a penal offence and is solved in legal action by an appropriate town hall.

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