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The Technical Museum is under the administration of the automobile factory in Kopřivnice, where is the museum situated. Its part is also the Museum of Lachia and the Museum Fojtství.

In the museum, you can see the products of the diverse phases of development from the foundation of the company, that means cars, trucks, sports cars, aerial items and other articles (for exemple freezers). The other items you can see there are some historical documents from the period, when the company was lead by Ignác Šustal. The visitors will also see few video-projections.

In total, there are 60 vehicles in the museum. One of the exhibited vehicles is the railway wagon known under the name „Slovakian missile“.


Predecessors of the contemporary vehicles were made in 19th century. In former Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1850, Ingnác Šustala opened his factory. In the beginning, he created carriages and buggies. This „small“ factory developed into world-wide known automobile factory TATRA.

After the death of Ignác Šustala, it was Hugo Fischer von Röslerstamm who took over the company. The company started the production of wagons. Hugo Fischer is the one, who initiated the first manufacturation of the vehicle with combusting engine. Thanks to the factory owner Theodor von Liebieg, the company signed an agreement with Karl Benz. The vehicles from Kopřivnice were equiped by the two-cylinder engines from 1897. In the same year, the first  austro-hungarian car „Präsident" was manufactured. This was followed by the first truck in 1898.

The trademark TATRA is known from 1919, when the first serial manufactured vehicles NW TL2 and NW TL4 were made. In 1918, the name of the company changed from Nesseldorfer Wagenbau to Kopřivnická vozovka, a.s. and the company relocated from Vienna to Prague.

In 1926, the company was sold to Rigenhoffer´s Company, so it changed its name to Ringhoffer-Tatra, a.s. Two years later, the name changed again, to Ringhoffer TATRA Werke A G. The company became one of the biggest productors of wagons in the world. 

After 1945, the national enterprise TATRA was created. Tatra is one of the oldest automobile factory in the Central Europe and the second oldest within the whole world.

You can visit the Technical Museum from May to September, from 9am to 5pm, from October to April from 9am to 4pm. The Museum is opened every day including bank holidays except from Mondays. For the charge, you have at disposal the guide in czech or foreign language. Currently, there is an exposition even for the blind people.

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