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The world-wide known German designer and constructor of cars living from 1875 to 1951.

Ferdinand Porsche was born in Vratislavice nad Nisou, where he spent his childhood. He always liked the electricity. And his career started because of this hobby. One day, the owner of the carpet factory, Ignac Ginzkey, saw a boy with litted skates. He sent this boy to the technical school in Liberec. But Porche´s father didn´t like it, because after the death of his first-born son he wanted Ferninand to overtake his tinsmith´s company. 

In 18 years, Ferdinand left his home-city and arrived to Vienna. Even though he received the Czech citizenship in 1918, he returned home rarely. After the technical school, he secretly visited the lectures at the University of Vienna and he learnt many interesting things.
In 1900, he introduced at the Exposition Universelle in Paris his first revolutionary electric car.
In these days, he moved to Stuttgart. There he constructed for example the racing Mercedes SSK. Firstly, he worked for the company Béla Egger (there he met his mate Louise Kaes), later he workedfor Jakob Lohner and than for Austro-Daimler. In 1923 je became the lead-constructor in the company Daimler Motoren.

Few years later, Porsche wants to become independant, so he founds his own company, where  the new and very popular Volkswagen is born. Porsche had lots of succes because of this car.

But from 1934, the situation became harsh for Ferdinand Porsche. He didn´t manage to leave at time before the start of the Nazi era, so he was forced to design the war machines. After the war, he paid for this by 22 months spent in prison. During that time, the creation of so called Beetle started under the lead of his son, Ferry.

Unfortunately, 30th January 1951, Ferdinand died at the age of 75 on stroke. It wasn´t long after the first serial car 356 was fabricated. In that time, the first Porsche car won a big car race in Le Mans. After Porsche´s death, the manufacturacion of the world-wide known cars continued under the lead of his son Ferry Porsche, who founded the factory and constructed sports cars Porsche.

Nowadays, the company is one of the most fanous and luxurios producers of sports cars in the world.

In the native city, Vratislavice nad Nisou, you can see a new exposition about the life and long-life work of Ferdinand Porsche.

What kind of advantages we can offer to you?

  • Luxury cars - usually Mercedes - Benz
  • Our cars are not marked by any signs and advertisements because we are not a taxi.
  • We guarantee an individual approach to each client.
  • High professionality, fine manners and confidentiality is common place to our drivers.
  • Our drivers speak also English and Russian.
  • The possibility of credit card payment or by invoice.

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Safe and fast transfer to your hotel, company seat, place of your accommodation or business meetings. Waiting of the car on easy terms.

  • transport services for private and company clients
  • transport services for your business trips
  • transfers from/to the airport
  • transport services during congresses and company events
  • trips and city tours of Prague and whole Europe

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